Frequently asked questions


We recognize that applying for a grant of any size can generate multiple questions.  To help, we have developed a list of the most frequently asked questions.  This list will be updated as we receive more questions, so please be sure to check back to our website throughout the application period. 

To submit a question, please email our Program Director, Jeanette Marshall, at

Q: How do I submit my application?

A: After downloading the file, populate the pdf and save. Once complete, email your application to You will receive a confirmation email from a member of Healthier Neighbors.   

Q: Can government entities apply for the Healthier Neighbors Mini Grant?

A: No, but we encourage them to partner with a non-profit or for-profit applicants.

Q: Can an organization or resident submit multiple applications? 

A: No.  Each resident, non-profit, or for-profit can only submit one application.

Q: What are the max grant awards for residents, non-profits, and for-profits who want to do a community project and residents who want to start a small business? 

A: Resident community project and small business start-up max award is $1500. Non-profit & for-profit grant max is $5000.

Q: Can I apply using my phone?

A: No! Applicants must submit for a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile devices will not allow you to properly submit a completed application. 

Q: Is it mandatory to attend the grant orientation on January 29th?

A: No! It is not mandatory, however it is highly encouraged.