About Us

Healthier Neighbors is a part of the Palm Healthcare Foundation community-driven initiative, Healthier Together.   Healthier Neighbors is working daily to work within the community, in an effort to make significant improvements in the health and well-being of Palm Beach County residents. This strategic initiative convenes neighborhood leaders and residents, listens to their needs, and provides financial support and resources to help the neighborhood make positive and healthy changes. 

To learn more about the Healthier Together and how we are working together to solve complex issues in the neighborhoods of Jupiter, Delray Beach, The Glades, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, and Rivera Beach/Northern West Palm Beach, go to http://healthiertogetherpbc.org 

OuR Areas of Focus

Engaging Faith-Based Communities


Faith-based organizations have been and continue to be anchors within our communities.  This has resulted in these organizations being seen as a valuable resource in addressing multiple needs for neighborhood residents. From church-led emergency food pantries to affordable housing, there has always been a valuable partnership between the community and the charitable work of faith-based organizations.

Access to Healthy Foods


For far too many people, especially for those living in low-income communities and communities of color, access to healthy food is quite difficult. Finding quality, fresh food means either traveling significant distances or paying extremely high prices. These burdens are resulting in these very communities facing the highest risks of obesity, diabetes, and other preventable food-related health challenges.

Root Causes of Trauma & Violence


While most people experience daily stress in their lives, traumatic stress impacts the way that people interact and cope within their families and communities.